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One of a series for Pitney Bowes, a leading provider of customer communication technologies.

  • Client: Pitney Bowes
  • Agency: Gyro
  • Art Director: Terry Jent
  • Challenge:  Create realistic roots
  • Photos – envelope, roots

Senior Art Director Terry Jent of Gyro contacted me about helping him with a series of ads for Pitney Bowes. My photo search came up with a few trees and trunks to put together for this image but roots, ah there’s the rub! I finally found some images of trees in winter against a stark background that when turned upside down looked like roots. A little color correction and tweaking and we have a full tree. Then it was simply a matter of punching the roots through the envelope and adding the shadows.

Terry has a good eye and as usual it was a back and forth process before we arrived at what he was looking for.

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