Here are some people and places that have had an impact on me and my work. Check them out and use them if you can.

Creative People & Places

  • Brian Steege – Photographer – Wonderful kid shots are his forte – Brian is so easy to work with is unreal. He prefers to stay on the camera rather than get distracted with Photoshop. He does what he loves, I get to do what I love – win/win!
  • Tony Arrasmith – Photographer – fun guy, fun images – works with Sarah – team work!  Tony is very competent in Photoshop, we get to work together when his schedule is overloaded. His humor translates directly into his images. In short- he cracks me up.  Because of his abilities in Photoshop, he usually has definite ideas about what’s to be done making my job easier. I’ve been privilaged to work with Tony on some Proctor and Gamble ads. His commitment to community in Cincinnati is evident too with his work with the Playhouse and the Cincinnati Arts.
  • Todd Joyce – Photographer – incredible images – Todd shoots around the world, teaching at many workshops. His abilities continue to amaze me.
  • John Pattison – Creative stratigist, John pushes me to the max at times and the result has meant our work being in CA, Print, Luerzer’s Archive. – thanks John! – Graeter’s Chocolates images
  • Gyro – Fun, creative, impressive! My history with Gryo (HSR before that) spans about 16 years. Some of my best work has been done with them over the years.
  • Intrinzic – Rocks! When I get a call from them, I know it’s going to be tight deadlines but fun, slightly left of center work.

Assets & Advice


  • 3d02  – High quality 3d assests
  • Dosche Design – 3d models and scenes for all applications
  • Turbosquid  – Great selection of models – great company too.
  • NewTek Lightwave  – it’s what I use
  • Spinquad  – great community for Lightwave users
  • Vue  – great 3d landscape program – e-on software
  • DAZ – Poser, Genesis content
  • Renderosity – Great community – Poser, other 3d assets


  • Red Giant – Since 2002, Red Giant Software has developed production-proven visual effects tools for digital video & film professionals.
  • Jack Nack – I intend to provide interesting, useful info about mobile devices, Photoshop, Flash, design, photography, and related issues. My job title is Principal Product Manager at Adobe, and my gig involves building next-gen creative imaging apps for mobile devices.

Social Input

  • @marybiever  – Social media guru and my wife
  • @5tu  – great guy who works with Red Giant software. – filmmaking nerd
  • @jossippetusa  – big-picture guy with insight into the millenial / gen-y generation
  • @mackcollier  – social media guru with good down to earth info & a great sense of humor – founder of blogchat!
  • @frankadman  – Ad man. Purveyor of stimulating proaganda. Cool.


Other sites I like