Piggybank House

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Piggy Bank House







A 3d / photo piece in a series for US Bank.

  • Agency: Intrinzic
  • Senior Art Director: Todd Lipscomb
  • Client: US Bank
  • Challenge: Create Roadside attractions for use on their web site
  • Composite of photos – sky, grass, tractor, flowers, windows, door
  • 3D – Pig, car, people, coins, mailbox

Todd  contacted me about helping him with a series of ads for US Bank. He lined out what he was looking for, supplied some of the photos and I took it from there gathering the remaining photos and getting the 3d pieces in place.

This series had tight deadlines and my computer quit in the middle of the job. I had a new one overnighted, spent the next few hours sweating bullets reinstalling software and then back on the job for Todd. All the deadlines were met but I have a few more grey hairs now.

Like every other freelancer out there, caffeine is my friend! 🙂

When you get done savoring Todd’s creative genius here, look for  his rock band – The Kentucky Struts



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