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A 3d / photo piece in a series for Pitney Bowes, a leading provider of customer communication technologies.

  • Client: Pitney Bowes
  • Agency: Gyro
  • Art Director: Terry Jent
  • Challenge:  Create the highway in 3d.
  • Photos – envelope
  • 3D – Roadway and cars

Terry Jent of Gyro contacted me about helping him with a series of ads for Pitney Bowes. Terry, being pretty good in Photoshop himself, put together some  layouts of the ads quickly from low res images. It was my task to pull together hi-res images, many times different from the layouts and make them appear as one shot, keeping the feel of the layouts. This one was challenging because the total white background makes the cars and roadway look a bit like toys. Put this in a landscape photo and it takes on a better photo look.

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