Roller Coaster

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Semi on Roller Coaster


A 3d/photo piece in a series for OnRamp Transportation Services.

  • Client: OnRamp Transportation Services
  • Art Director: John Pattison
  • Challenge: put a semi on a roller coaster
  • Photos – Roller Coaster
  • 3D – Truck
This was a lot of fun and thought in real life might make a great ride. I know some guys who would love to “drive” a big rig on a roller coaster!
John and I went back and forth on  placement of the truck. – John came up with the final placement. That was one of the great things about using 3d. I could put it anywhere on the coaster. Didn’t have to go the the photographer to shoot it again, and again or search stock photos for “just the right angle”.

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